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  1. Al-Azhar preparatory course

    * Al-Azhar preparatory course is for students who want to study at the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Egypt.

    * course details:
    - The student should have a good knowledge of Arabic.
    - The...
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    Best Quran classes offers in Ramadan


    Learn Arabic and Quran Online school announces a new collection offers in Quran-study programs for the month of Ramadan…. May Allah accept it from us all. 🌜
    The programs are as follows:...
  3. Offer to get Ijazah in Ajroomiyah

    assalam alikom.

    This is a limited time offer by Learn Arabic and Qur'an online school.

    Study the Arabic grammar book 'Ajroomiyah' and get a free Ijazah with connected Sanad from you until...
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  5. Free Online Course Starting For Conversational Arabic

    The Newly Established School for Lovers of the Arabic Language and Q`uran: Free online courses starting for conversational Arabic on Sundays and Thursdays at 9 pm Egyptian time for a total of...
  6. Arabic Course for beginners (from al kitab al asasi)

    Assalam alikom wa rahmatu Allah

    In shaa Allah I am going to explain the first level in Arabic for brothers and sisters who want to learn Arabic The language of Quran. and i will use al kitab al...
  7. How to make a basic Arabic nominal sentences in 2 steps

    How to make a basic Arabic nominal sentences in 2 steps ???
    1) In Arabic, unlike in English, you can have a sentence with no verb at all , we don't have verb to be (e.g., am, are, is, etc.) like...
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