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    Why Should Leave Your Office On Time?

    Where are you going after the working hours? If your answer is “in the office”, please think again. You shouldn't need a reason to wrap up your work and leave the office on time but just think about...
  2. Working in foreign country: Some notices for you

    You just received an invitation to work in a foreign country? Too cool! Future and hundreds of opportunities are opening to you. But before "pack the luggage and go", take a couple of minutes to read...
  3. How to keep productive when you are in sleep deprivation

    Most people need 7 to 9 hours every day to sleep. There is no doubt that sleep deprivation has a big impact to your job performance. Did you always see yourself need a cup of coffee to join the rest...
  4. 7. Take tea...

    7. Take tea
    Bad news for those in love with strong black coffee at meeting – when meeting with...
  5. The A - Z of Indian Business Culture

    In the increasingly global business world that teams work across borders, understanding business cultures where you go is the key to success. One of the biggest challenges to overcome when entering...
  6. Exclusive Chance to Find Domestic Helper and Driver Couple You Need While Saving Perk

    Are you looking for domestic helper and driver couples with experience and all-around skills? Are you expecting for great chemistry between the couple to care best for the comfort of your family? Do...
  7. The Oil and Gas Market Is Back to 1990s Again?

    There are striking parallels between OPEC’s current situation and 1990s. During 1997-1999, OPEC lost the market control and the oil price slipped to below 10 USD/ barrel.

  8. Working for money? Should or Should not?

    Nowadays problem is people are working the job they don’t even like, only for money.
    Basic purpose of human being when working is making money and feed themselves. It’s reality. Graduated students...
  9. How to achieve a better work-life balance?

    One day you suddenly realize that your work has been becoming your life for a long time. When was the last time you spent time with your family, your friends or enjoyed your favorite hobbies? A lot...
  10. "Follow Your Passion" isn’t a Good Career Advice

    You have heard a lot and been advised of ‘following your passion’. That motivation sometimes turns out to be bad advice, making you bush around what you love doing and what you are doing, and end up...
  11. Best destinations to work oversea for expat

    Who doesn’t love being paid to travel? Most of us at least once used to think of quitting everything and going to live abroad. Choosing a suitable destination for your personality and job opportunity...
  12. Looking for new job opportunities for skilled workers

    We would like to send you our warmest greetings.
    Our company, VMST are the professional manpower supplier from Vietnam. We supplies all types of manpower (skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled) with...
  13. Tips for the successful business in Asia

    Asia with its fast economic development is becoming a favorite and potential investment destination of many entrepreneurs and institutions

    <article class="article" style="margin: 0px;...
  14. Which countries are the easiest to do business in?

    Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic growth and development, and it flourishes where there are minimal barriers to doing business.
    The World Bank’s Doing Business project, launched in 2002,...
  15. Job sharing: The next trend in the “share economy”

    With the development of collaborative consumption and rising of the Empires like Uber, Airbnb, where people could take advantage of something they are not using such as a car, house to a stranger...
  16. The skills required for a job in 2015

    Perhaps the time has passed when Bachelor's degree is a "ticket" to bring you a good job with an advancement opportunities open. Maybe your school name will make employers have more attention to you,...
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    How to treat young employees right?

    In some fields, young peopleusually take over the most of human resources in the company.

    They are potential source who have strength, youth, passion which be led in the right way, you could...
  18. Tips to make a better cooperative relationship all over the world

    Doing the business with people from many countries is a challenge because each nation has different tradition and custom. With some tips achieved throughout over 15 years working with foreign...
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    Safety tips for hot weather

    + Stay hydrated - Water is your friend: By the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. Note: Caffeine and alcohol adds to dehydration and should be had in moderation.

    + Sun safety: Find...
  20. Thread: hi

    by vnmanpower

    Hello Ella, WELCOME. I'm new too ;)

    Hello Ella,

    WELCOME. I'm new too ;)
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