View Full Version : Non-Active Members--Please Read!!

Nov-9-2009, 11:13 AM
As salam alaikum.

Salaam Aleikum Dear Members NetMuslims,

This letter is specifically to those who have not been active at NetMuslims The rules state the following:

All members have to:

1-Post an introduction and tell us why you joined. (Must be done once you join, if you already joined, you will need to post an introduction as soon as possible)
***You do not have to post another introduction if you already posted one before.

2-Post at least 3 times each month, until you reach 50 posts. After that you only have to post 1 times a month. This is to determine the gender of that member and you have good intentions. Also, we would like to make this an active forum so it will benefit many Muslims, InshaAllah. The only way that can happen is if we all try to contribute to it.

***Let me clarify what a post consists of. It does not mean that you have to make a new topic or a thread. Just replying to someone else's topic or welcoming a new member counts as a post as well. So you see, a post can be a new topic that you are interested in starting or just a few words in reply to another person's post. It can be 2 sentences long or four paragraphs.
This will not only help us determine if we have sincere members with good intentions but also make this a thriving community. It is great that you want to look around but there won't be much to look at if you do not participate! So please participate and share your ideas and views.

If you enjoy the forum and want to still come and be a part of it then please follow the above rules. If you have a personal reason where you cannot do so at this time then please contact the admins/mods. Otherwise, Unfortunatly, your account will have to be made inactive if the rules are not followed.

Thank you for joining NetMuslims.