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  54. Boko Haram False Flag
  55. US secretly built 'Cuban Twitter' to Over Throw Cuban Government
  56. Somali Oppression
  57. House committee earmarks $69M for new secret prison
  58. The Texas “Islamist Terror Enclave” That Wasn’t
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  68. The Chapel Hill Shootings were a false flag operation done by the Islamic State
  69. Why Cheney’s confession “We did 9/11″ appears to be authentic (Satire, with truth)
  70. Alternative media
  71. Fake Syrian Passports Planted by Police At Scene of Paris Terror Attack
  72. San Bernardino Shooting carried out by Craft Intl mercenaries
  73. Orlando Gay Club False Flag
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  76. Florida Airport Shooting
  77. The Iraq war was born and raised in torture
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